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Sunplugged Sound System is the energy self-sufficient solution for outdoor parties and energy conscious club environment. The sound system was created on the model of the  Solarfestival e.V. and the Plug Dub Soundsystem from Leipzig.
All loudspeakers are self-made out of recycled wood and have, because of their horn construction, a high degree of efficiency in order to convert the solar energy into music as energy-efficiently as possible. The amplifiers operate at a low voltage of 12 volts, but can perform very well with over 5KW total power.
The complete supply of the electrical devices takes place via a large battery bank, with 500 aH, which is charged by solar panels during the day and keeps the sound system running for up to 10 hours. The amplifiers for the speakers run on 12 volts and have a DSP for optimal use of the individual frequency bands of the horn speakers.
A sine wave inverter can also be used to easily operate standard 220 V devices such as turntables, mixing desk or party lighting with a own battery bank with 250aH capacity. 
The system is modularly designed to enable a wide range of uses, from mobile bicycle sound to large stages with monitors and stage power. 

Sunplugged Towa
Mixing Desk and Vinyl Player via Inverter
Mixing Desk and Vinyl Player via Inverter
West in Peace 2018
Wobble Mobil
Wobble Mobil
Open Airfurth